3071: Enchanting Willow: Won't let me click "favor" from Lucan

Reported by ☆ Arugula at Tue, 10 Jan 2017 23:10:10 UTC
worldbuild bug


I have the Enchanting Willow quest. First you talk to Ciar, which works fine. She tells you to find Lucan. When you talk to him, you click in the conversation "here", "death and destruction", and "favor" as far as I can tell.
It will not let you actually click "favor" or speak "favor" out loud to advance the quest. It just does nothing.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get druid to 7 (I think) and accept quest from druid trainer in Tir Na Nog.
2. Go to Shannon Estuary and find Ciar for the first part of the quest. Talk to her to advance quest.
3. Find Lucan for next part of quest. Attempt to advance quest by talking to him.

Intended Behavior

I mean.. I just want it to advance the quest when I talk to him lol. :)


I don't really have evidence. I'm just pretty sure you're supposed to be able to advance this quest :)


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