3061: Guildname TrollingRockz not allowed

Reported by ☆ Azzrael at Tue, 10 Jan 2017 19:26:49 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Today we tried to make an Guild we with the Name TrollingRockz same as the one i made on Uthgard 1. Game told me "The guildname u have entered is not allowed!" Also in Variations of Trolling Rockz/TrollingRocks and Trolling Rocks

Reproduction Steps

1.Form a Group of 8 People
2.Go to the Guildregistrator
3.Try to make /Gc form TrollingRockz//Gc form Trolling Rockz//Gc form TrollingRocks and /Gc form Trolling Rocks

Intended Behavior

make it that the Name is Not Not Allowed so we Can create the Guild with the Name "TrollingRockz" as we did on Uthgard 1


As said before i was the Founder of the Guild TrollingRockz on Uthgard 1 before Revamp so i hope that should be prof enough also if u have Access to the Old Herald u could search for the Guildname.


issue was resolved by Genjiro
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