3030: Need fixed asap, cannot make alliances

Reported by Friendlys at Mon, 09 Jan 2017 07:58:14 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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made a guild and trying to recruit but cant if i dont have an alliance as the starter guilds have more people and no reason to leave them, ill target the guild leader of the other guild and invite his guild so i can be the leader of the alliance but says invite failed...

Reproduction Steps

1. make a guild
2. do the command to invite another guild to your alliance in order to make an alliance
3. see the error and fix it

Intended Behavior

when i invite a guild leader to my alliance even though i dont have an alliance, the /gc ainvite should bring them in as the 2nd alliance guild and my guild as leader since im the one who invited


the error that it gives when you target the guild leader of another guild and do /gc ainvite


issue was resolved by Genjiro
2 players say this report is valid, 1 disagrees


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