3028: Cannot send a tell message to a player zoning between zones

Reported by ☆☆ Burfo at Mon, 09 Jan 2017 07:18:37 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Sending a tell to a person that is in the process of loading between zones could yield a "person is not in the game, or in another realm" error momentarily.

I experienced this while sending messages back and forth to a person while we were both in Camelot Hills, and then he zoned into Tomb of Mithra. During the time shortly after he entered the zone jump point, one of my tell messages yielded the error.

Reproduction Steps

Send tells to a person continually while that person walks into a zone boundary jump point.

Intended Behavior

The message should go through because the person is in the game.


This is obvious functional behavior; no proof required.


issue has been confirmed
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