3009: Wind Ghuls and "little Wind" do not spawn at all

Reported by ☆ Morn at Sun, 08 Jan 2017 15:59:39 UTC
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I do not know what went wrong, but "Wind Ghuls" and "little Wind" (needed for the quest with the same name) who should spawn during the day near muire tomb do not spawn at all since server launch, although they reportedly did so during beta.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go to wind ghul spot near muire tomb (loc:34431, 31819, 5640 dir=260) during day or night
2. see no Wind Ghul at all and also not the quest-relevant "little Wind"

Intended Behavior

Please implement Wind Ghuls and "little Wind" again soon, it is also relevant for follow up quests


checked the spot for 24 ingame hrs, no wind ghul at all was seen ther were several other players who joined me in between but didnt find anything as can be seen in screenshots in google folder

I now citate Allister from issue 2802:

A link to a proof that the quest is patch related and that your loc is right ;)


"The easiest way to find Little Wind is to head to Ardee, there are too many red things that are agressive to head from the N entrance of Tir Na Nog.

Once you get to Ardee, head W/NW to the bridge that is just up the road from Ardee once you hang a left on the road. From the bridge head SW/W. There is a dead tree on the left, some big rock parallel to each other and another dead tree on the left just behind the huge rocks.

Little Wind spawns at the top of the hill (loc:34431, 31819, 5640 dir=260). Keep killing wind ghouls till he shows up. "

a post from Nov 07 2001 seem to sayt that this loc is coherent

"He spawns in /loc 33K 31K
there are 2 walls there and 2 dead trees, all spawning wind Ghouls, He appears between the 2 walls. "


issue was resolved by Gnome
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