2983: Unable to choose hairstyle for Norsemen at char creation

Reported by ☆☆ Qeo at Sat, 07 Jan 2017 09:24:20 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Not sure this is game mechanics, but its definetely not Worldbuild.

Today I wanted to create all my Chars for my reserved names from Uth 1.0. But I now encounter that if I hit norseman male or female to create they are "Skinheads" and I am unable to pick a hairstyle in the alteration screen.

Yesterday all was fine as I created my Pac Heal Norse, and he still has hair.

Reproduction Steps

1. Create a Character on Midgard
2. Choose Norseman male and female
3. see them have no hair
4. now hit continue to go to the alteration screen
5. see you can´t choose a hairstyle and the chars stay skinhead

Intended Behavior

You should be able to give Norsemen or women hair. Even it should be impossible to create a Norseman Skinhead.


Norsemen always had hair, and beards if they are male. No Screenshot here, sorry but taking Screens in Character creation doesn´t seem to work.


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