2961: Necromancer several ra not working or useless

Reported by ☆ Relvinian at Wed, 04 Jan 2017 14:15:34 UTC
gamemechanic bug


1. RA Regeneration works on necro health but not pet. What possible use can this be?

The dot ra does not increase the crit chance in the painworking. I may be the only one testing this so that explains why nobody noticed it.

Reproduction Steps

1. Summon a pet and let it get hurt and see that regeneration does not work on pet and then dispell pet and watch as your necro's hit points regen.
2. Get the arcana spell and dot and aoe dot over and over and see no effect.

Intended Behavior

I would imagine that regen is useless on the necro if not on the pet

Make the ra increase dot chance on pwing.


I'm really not sure how to prove any of this. Either it is working as intended or it is not but it can be checked in about 2 minutes for both of these issues.


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