2958: Armsman - polearms - Defender's Aegis - small growth rate.

Reported by ☆ k7s at Wed, 04 Jan 2017 00:35:07 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Polearms style Defenders Aegis with 'High' damage has smaller cap than Defenders Revenge 'Medium' damage.

Used the level 5 Doll for testing the cap damage of both styles.
The problematic Defenders Aegis give just a little more cap than Phalanx 'Medium' damage.
A Damage : High style should deliver more damage than Damage : Medium styles.
While Phalanx and Defenders Revenge seem to have correct delve the Defenders Aegis caps lower then Defenders Revenge.

Reproduction Steps

1. Make a pole arms
2. Go to the level 5 Doll
3. Style from behind the Doll Phalanx followed by Defenders Revenge
4. Style from behind the Doll Phalanx followed by Defenders Aegis
5. Examine the damage. It is so obvious that Defenders Aegis needs to be given more damage output.

* In my test Phalanx caps at 642, Defenders Revenge caps at 747 and Defenders Aegis caps at 675. I could provide screenshots but its so easy to replicate.

Intended Behavior

The growth rate of Defenders Aegis has to be risen in order to align the style with its ranking as Damage : High . It is clear that a style with Damage : High has to deliver more damage than a style ranked as Damage : Medium.
What the growth rates actually are is irrelevant, High has to be more then Medium.


It is so clear just by this screenshot, though it can be replicated at any time.



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