2701: [Alb] Quest: Immediate Resolution A, B, C, & D

Reported by ☆☆☆ l11n at Fri, 21 Oct 2016 12:30:38 UTC
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Immediate Resolution is one of those quests that Should is accessible to all starting classes (Fighter, Rogue, Acolyte, Elementalist, Mage, and Disciple). Currently, and I've made every class/race combo that leads to a different location and trainer, and the only trainer that provides the quest is the Fighter Trainer in Humberton.

This is incorrect. Every class/race combo that starts in front of a trainer should have access to this quest from level one and it is received from the trainer you start in front of.

Reproduction Steps

1. Start any race/class combo that isn't a Highlander Fighter.
2. Right click on trainer and see that Immediate Resolution isn't offered.
3. Cry.

Intended Behavior

As this quest is supposed to be available to all race/class combos starting at level 1, it should be scripted in and loved exceedingly. Furthermore, there is another issue (issue #2564) that correctly claims that the bandit mobs are missing at the end of the quest, which should also be resolved if it is an issue with the others (though the mobs which spawn are different based upon the location/version of the quest).


Snapshots of Warcry (around the correct time period) show that there are 4 different quests named Immediate Resolution. ZAM shows that there are 2 versions of the quest.

Immediate Resolution (A) is at Prydwen and Cotswold and is given by your trainer. The mobs that spawn at the end are weak zombies.

Immediate Resolution (B) is at Humberton and Ludlow and is given by your trainer. This is the one that is scripted in, but is only offered to a Highlander Fighter when it should be any class/race that starts in either of these locations. (Note that bandit mobs are missing from the end: issue #2564)

Immediate Resolution (C) is at Adribard's Retreat and is given by your trainer.

Immediate Resolution (D) is at Campacotentin Station and Lethantis Association and is given by your trainer.

I'm fairly confident that the Warcry information is more accurate than the ZAM information, but some of the information on these quests are in the following.

Immediate Resolution (Version 1)

Immediate Resolution (Version 2)


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