2640: Falling damage too high with Safe Fall

Reported by ☆ Imoen at Sun, 25 Sep 2016 15:06:09 UTC
gamemechanic bug
12 votes


Safe fall damage seems high with Safe Fall. Safe fall 3 taking 10% damage jumping over a mile gate. Safe Fall 4 taking 3% damage jumping over a mile gate.

Reproduction Steps

1. Make assassin
2. Try stealth 30/40 for Safe Fall 3/4
3. Jump over a mile gate

Intended Behavior

My forum post has details and some videos with explainations:



Videos and explanations are contained within my post.


Proof is difficult but the RR10 NS video shows him taking zero damage from jumping over the mile gate. His health is 20% and remains 20% on landing if you slow the vid down.

With Safe Fall 4 on Uthgard you still take 3% and this means you spec as high as 40 stealth which is pretty unrealistic on a rr10 NS for the time.


issue has been confirmed
votes (priority): 12
8 players say this report is valid, 0 disagree


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