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2547: Shannon-lough gur border: Missing mob"blue bilk"

Reported by 🌟 Greenpeace at Sun, 11 Sep 2016 11:49:45 UTC
worldbuild bug
4 votes


This mob should be roaming near ceannai but i cannot find it anywhere.

Knowing he was roaming on the horseroute near ceannai on uth 1.0 it seems like someone removed him :P

Reproduction Steps

1. Go to ceannai (that small merchant-village on the horseroute to innis)
2. Check 10k radius around that village. See any kobold-looking mob?
3. Check locs old sources say the mob should pass-> 38k, 36k Shannon Estuary

Intended Behavior

Add the mob again if it got deleted ! 50words .



Mobinfo says:
"Found him at 38k, 36k and gives a blue goblet and a sac of blue dyes. and about 13 silver. he evades a lot"

Comments from 2003, so mob should exist:
"Not 35th level, but an undercon, definitely. Conned yellow to my 28th huntress, who can beat an orange-con in pure melee usually. This thing evades very often, and gets constant attacks. Felt more like he was level 30-31.

Encountered him at night, wandering east of the Conniae outpost, up into the hills just a little (still within view of the outpost)."


issue has been assigned to Cirdan
priority: 4
4 players say this report is valid, 0 disagree


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