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2489: Minstrel charm pet lvl have a hardcap. It shouldn't in 1.65

Reported by ★★ Kha at Thu, 01 Sep 2016 17:52:43 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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The minstrel charm formula seems to have a hardcap but it shouldn't in 1.65

The resist rate seems to high on red pets (i mean very high) even templated with 50+15 instrument. The resist rate is insane. One thing lead to another, red resists are too high, purple mobs resist is : 100% even if you do 10.000 pulses.
It's a real hardcap in your formula.

Level 60 pet at 50+15 instrument = 80% resist (too high ... really.)
Level 60 pet at 50+14 instrument = 100% even with countless number of pulse (the hardcap is shown here, it's not 90 or 95% it's an unbreakable 100%).
Level 61 pet at 50+15 instrument = 100% even with countless number of pulse (met the hardcap again).

It's only few years ago than a hardcap was added into the formula on Ywain, resulting in a maximum level to charm : 60. This was a big nerf.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get 50+15 instrument, try to charm a level 60 pet. (keep pressing the charm key to get hundreds pulses per minute.) Look at the resist rate (too high for a red pet).
2. Downgrade to 50+14 instrument, and try to charm the same mob. Look at the hardcap, it will never work.
3. 50+15 Instrument again, and try to charm a purple level 61 Levian. Meet the hardcap again.

Intended Behavior

There was no hardcap for pet levels back in the day.

The resist table was going only to 99% when a really big purple pet was charmed.
Example : Vazul level 85 pet hold by a minstrel RR10 to kill a ML boss.
Example : Glacier Giant level 75 was made uncharmable in 1.74
Example : I was doing RvR with level 60 to 66 pets back in the days.

Even RR1 (+11SC) it was possible to charm 60+ pet with the good tech (spam charm 50% of your time).

There should be no hardcap on pet level, not the way it appear to works in uthgard anyways.

Obviously a level 15 minstrel can't charm a pet level 85.
But a 50+15 instrument should be able to go close from level 70 with a "reasonable" resist rate around 80-90%. (Wich is the resist rate of a red level 60 right now on uthgard 2.0 Beta..)


A lot ... I'll use only the more known ones.

The biggest one :

max safe level to pet = intiger ((totall skill - level) /2 + level)
so in most cases = int ((50+xx) - 50)/2 + 50)) assuming level 50 and 50 instruments.
(SAFE LEVEL not the MAXIMUM LEVEL no maximum level ever found on archives, just the biggest charm ever recorded was Vazul level 85 mob PROOF :
https://youtu.be/olMB7SfAewM?t=9m )

A small number of monsters have been made uncharmable to prevent abuse.

We have added several high level monster camps throughout the Frontiers zones so players can more easily find (indeed one big spot of Grand Pookha for example, level 62 to 66 purple).


Patch 1.46:

- The Minstrel/Mentalist has an almost certain chance to charm/retain control of a creature his level or lower, although there is a small random chance that it could fail. The higher the level of the charmed creature compared to the Minstrel/Mentalist, the greater the chance the monster has of breaking the charm. Please note that your specialization level in the magic skill that contains the charm spell will modify your base chance of charming and retaining control. The higher your spec level, the greater your chance of controlling.

No maximum level. Only resist rates modified due to the caster level, and spec level.

May 28 03 7:50 PM
Speaking of charming high level pets, check out this link, it will forward you to a Yahoo! picture which you can click on to get the full size screenshot of a lvl68 pet! I was impressed when I saw it =)
smlnk.com/?O3IVQSFX (Link down .. 2003 tho)

Jjoe Nitro
May 29 03 11:54 AM
I'm gonna bet this is either a pic from a euro server, or an older pic from a previous patch.I had a conversation with a euro player about just such a thing a while ago, he swore he could hold a 68 Calleach Guard, and I didn't believe him until he provided a screenshot. He reminded me that Euro servers run somewhat behind our patches, and a long time ago, just after the changes to minstrel charm, it was possible to charm purples easily.Personally, I would have liked to be able to see the server chat box to see the number of resists on this pet.Also, I will admit - I charmed a level 63 Mindworm in emain just a few days ago on Pellinor.

Proof Vazul level 85 pet (and rvr with level 62-65 pet) :




RE:12/16/05 11:59 PM
I am only RR4.4 at this post, however I have charmed up to lvl 62 so far, tho I find I am most comfortable with a lvl 58 pet.

I could add more, but i think the point is made.


issue has been assigned to Genjiro
priority: 133
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