2474: DoT/Bleed effects causing combat flag after /release

Reported by ★★ Whey at Tue, 30 Aug 2016 11:23:53 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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If someone applies a bleeding or DoT effect on you and gets killed right after, you will leave combat state even if the DoT/bleeding is still up. So you can stealth, get your speed chant going, maybe use McL and all the other stuff you can do while out of combat. (working as intended)

Now, if DoT/Bleed is still up and the guy you just killed is using the /release command (ress will probably cause the same), he will be alive again and your combat flag will activate on every upcoming DoT/bleeding tick. This is an annoying bug especially for stealth and speed classes.

Here is an example... i played a SB and killed an infil, he left a longer bleeding effect on me and a group of albs shown up to finish me off, but i managed to stealth. The bleed effect was still up and as soon as the infil used /release i got poped out of stealth.

Reproduction Steps

1. Create a stealth or speed class and let someone apply a bleeding effect with long duration on you.
2. Finish him off and he should use /release right after you killed him.
3. Your opponent is now alive again, and the bleeding is causing combat flag, so you won't be able to stealth or get your speed song going.

Intended Behavior

If the one who applied the DoT/bleeding effect just died, all his -at this point- active DoT and bleed effects should not trigger the combat flag anymore, even if he used /release or received a ress.


Obviously a bug, but if you need evidence, let me know and i will try to find a video.


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