2450: Mob ''Goborchend Piercer'' doesn't do ''Dual-hit''

Reported by ★★ Kha at Mon, 29 Aug 2016 01:48:32 UTC
gamemechanic bug
5 votes


The Mob Goberchend Piercer doesn't do the dual hit ability as he is supposed to.

Killed a dozen of mob with this pet, the dual hit didn't worked even once.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go emain loc 13800 3080 and charm a Goborchend Piercer
2. Attack mobs with this pet (grogan spot not far)
3. See how dual hit just never happen.

Intended Behavior

This mob is supposed to use dual hit ability when he hit a target.
The result is supposed to be : Twice the same attack simultaneously. (with variance of damage obviously, but same range of base damage)


http://camelot.allakhazam.com/db/search.html?cmob=585 (2004)
http://bardsofcamelot.yuku.com/forum/viewtopic/id/693#.V8OUUtSLTmg (2004)


issue has been confirmed
votes (priority): 5
3 players say this report is valid, 0 disagree


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