1907: Essence shredder in DF, snare and random aggro change

Reported by ☆☆ Pham at Tue, 28 Jun 2016 02:52:21 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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When trying to solo Essence Shredders in DF with my 50 tri spec cabalist, the ES will snare my pet and switch aggro to me without casting any spells or doing anything to cause aggro. This behaviour is not correct, I have farmed them a lot pre TOA and they never had this behaviour.

Reproduction Steps

1. Create a lvl 50 cabalist
2. attack shredder with pet
3. shredder will snare pet and switch target to you, without casting any spells

Intended Behavior

Shredders should not have a snare ability and should not be switching targets randomly. Essence shredders should only have increased BAF/aggro range and increased speed as a mob to my memory.


The video is the only evidence I can find. I have checked all the major websites as well, like ZAM etc. None of their descriptions of the Essence Shredders or comments say anything about them snaring or changing targets at random in which case, lack of evidence is more or less evidence in its self that the behaviour did not exist.


issue has been confirmed
votes (priority): 9
6 players say this report is valid, 3 disagree


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