1783: Charmed pets stop following after a distance of 32768 units

Reported by ☆ Electra at Mon, 20 Jun 2016 13:17:29 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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If you have a pet charmed and take a horse, you might risk that the distance between you and your pet becomes too high at which point the pet stops moving towards you.

If you return and head back towards the pet, it will start following again once the distance between you is less than 32768 /loc units.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go to Snowdonia Fortress.
2. Charm a pet.
3. Have a friend follow the pet on /stick. Using speed song is recommended
4. Take a horse to Caer Ulfwych
5. Your friend will observe that the charmed pet will stop following as the distance between you and the pet reaches 32769 and above in units.
6. When the pet stops moving, jump off the horse and follow the road north towards Snowdonia Station.
7. Have your friend observe that the pet starts moving towards you, once the distance is lower than 32768 units,

Intended Behavior

I guess the NPC pathing code has some sort of upper limit and this should either be fixed by one of the following suggestions:

1. Move the pet in the general direction of its owner, ignoring geometry
2. De-spawn the pet when on horse and re-spawn it when you jump off the horse again.
3. Increase the pet movement speed to match a horse, effectively making it impossible to gain a distance to the pet in the first place.


See the detailed description for an easy proof of behavior.


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