1413: Bonedancer, Bone Patroller Buff DMG shield has no timer

Reported by ☆☆ r12h at Sun, 05 Jun 2016 13:42:15 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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The Bonedancer Pet "Bone Patroller" from the suppression line at lvl 15 casts 2 Buffs on the player and the Bone Commander. First one is haste, second one is "Shards of Bone" wich is a DMG shield. The haste buff has the correct timer on it, after it fades, the bone patroller will renew it. The "Shards of bone" buff will remain forever, even if the Bone patroller is replaced with a Healpet. It only vanishes when you die.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get Bondedancer to lvl 15, specc all points in suppression, you will get the "Bone Patroller"
2. Let the Bone Patroller cast his buffs, look at the timers.
3. Destroy Bone Patroller and wait ....the dmg shield will remain

Intended Behavior

The buff "Shard of Bones" needs a timer, same as the haste buff.


There is no evidence, all buffs from Bonedancer pets are timed, but this one. And is doesn´t make sense at all to keep a buff after the buffgiver is dead, exept the buff is timed.


issue has been confirmed
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