1268: Wrong loot tables inside tepok on Goblins

Reported by 🌟 Allister at Tue, 31 May 2016 23:54:48 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Killing mobs in tepok (25+ alb dungeon), i got some bronze hand axes and rawhide armor

After checking the looting tables of the Atlas, i figured those level 2 loots should not be dropped by those 25+ mobs

Reproduction Steps

1. Go into Tepok's Mine dungeon
2. Kill goblins
3. Check the loots

Intended Behavior

Here is the full loot table listed on the Atlas page 70 for the goblins [mob levels] (drop % rate) <caches>
APOA = A Piece Of Armor of the mentionned set
Jewels xx = jewels set number

goblin [25-26] (10%) <Miner Midden> • (10%) Jewels 33 • (1.5%) APOA: Goblin-Forged • (1.5%) <Thrym’s Dream> • (1.5%) <Goblin’s Forge>

goblin [28-29] (8%) < Goblin’s Cellar> • (8%) Jewels 18 • (1.5%) APOA: Goblin Goldminer • (1.5%) <Thrym’s Dream> • (1.5%) <Goblin’s Forge>

Here are the infos about the caches and jewel sets:

-Goblin’s Forge (13) Goblin-forged Bracer of Speed or Gem of Resistance, or Hob Hunter Necklace or Ring
-Thrym’s Dream (13) Goblin Cleaver, Crusher, Gauche, Protector, Excavator’s Drum or Archer Long Bow, Goblin Staff of Cold, Earth or Wind Magic, or Fire-forged Pike
-Miner Midden (9) (hi-lo) Miner’s Golden Flask, Bottle of Goblin Wine, Golden Goblin Totem, or Miner’s Gold Gambling Dice
-Goblin’s Cellar (16) (hi-lo) Goblinskin Backpack, Pile of Glimmering Metallic Dust, Bottle of Fine Goblin Wine, or Golden Goblin Totem
-Jewels 18 (hi-lo) cat’s eye opal, cat’s eye apatite, blue spinel, water opal
-Jewels 33 (hi-lo) green tourmaline, chrome diopside, black star diopside, sphene


The Mythic's DAOC Full Atlas provided by Primagames.com and edited in 2002 with the consent of Mythic (so after SI release and before patch 1.65 which came October 8, 2003) is the reference i'm using

There is a download link on uthgard's forum

Direct link to download


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