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1235: Higher Buffs Value and Stat Cap

Reported by ☆☆ s5t at Mon, 30 May 2016 16:49:48 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Leveling up my Thane, I found out some str/con buffs from stormcalling line grant an higher bonus than they are supposed to and there's an higher cap to statistics per levels than expected.
For example, according to http://camelot.allakhazam.com/wiki/DAoC_Race,_Resistances,_Classes_and_Stat_Cap_Formulas

and http://www.gamemecca.net/forums/showthread.php?25609-Interesting-DAoC-NFO

"Spec line buffs (namely the str/con combination buff and the dex/qui combination buff) are capped at 1.5x your level. Base line buffs (such as con) are capped at 1x your level. Therefore if you level 50 you can received up to +75 +75 +50 = +200 increases in a given stat."

at lvl 13 the lvl 7 Stormcalling buff should grant 19 STR/CON.

Here you can see what are my stats and bonuses instead:


Reproduction Steps

1. Roll a Thane, rank it up to lvl 13 (max supposed buff from spec cap is 19)
2. Cast Thor's Strenght (Supposed to grant 22 Str/Con)
3. Open Character Window
4. Over the cursor on Strenght or Constitution
5. Observe your stats with a 24/24 Buff Bonus.

Intended Behavior

If Thor's Strength grant a 22 Str/Con bonus, the window should display 19/19 at lvl 13 not 24/24.

Therefore, imho the two bugs here are:

1. Thor's Strenght granting an higher bonus than it is supposed to
2. The spec buff cap per level is too high.


As described in the other sections.

1. Allakhazam link to stat bonuses and cap

2. Link to an overall explanation of DAoC bonuses cap for each bonus source.

3. Link to the screenshot showing the problem:

Another simple proof. If a player maximizes Stormcalling, the line buff should fill the bonus cap AT LEAST until the new one is provided, in this case at level 14 (when supposed bonus cap 21).


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